Thursday, January 27, 2011

DIY: Tissue Pom-Pom

I first caught a glimpse of the tissue pom-pom ball on Martha Stewart's website.  Then, they started appearing all over the web.  They looked simple and fun, so I decided to dive into a new project.  Of course, they can modified for size, color, and thickness.  More options for their use will come to you the more you experiment with them. 

Necessary Supplies:
  • Tissue paper (20 inches x 30 inches). Choose one color, choose two colors for more of a flower-effect, choose three hues for some multi-colored FUN! *HINT* Using dinner napkins offers a varied thickness that is less likely to tear when you are manipulating their "puffiness."
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutter
  • Floral wire. I used silver, but the color is pretty-much hidden once you play with them
  1. Stack six to eight sheets of paper on top of one another, depending on what type of volume you are looking for.  If they are going to be placed on a flat surface (wall or table) they will appear more puffy.

    2. Now, fold the sheets into approximately 1 1/2 inch accordion folds, all the way across.

    3.  Cut about a foot length of floral wire.

    4.  Wrap the wire around the center of the folded tissue and secure it by twisting.

     3. Prune the ends of the tissue into round shapes, to give them a petal-like look or cut them in a
         triangular shape and get a funkier design.

        4.  Spread the sides out like it has butterfly wings.  Then carefully, pull apart each layer toward
             you, separating it from the center one piece at a time. The first time I attempted this
             project, I ripped the tissue because of its thinness.  Hence, I opt to use the thicker
             dinner napkins.

         5.  After puffing each pom-pom, I work like Edward Scissor-Hands and cut away perfecting
              the pom-pom to the size and puffiness I prefer.


1.  Adding dimension on a wall or table for decoration
2.   Creating floral-looking arrangements on the wall of your baby girl's room. *Add two sheets of another color to the top of your layer in Instruction #1 to form the center of your flower.  When you are cutting in Instruction #8, cut the center a little shorter, allowing it to appear like the stigma, or center of the flower.*
3.  Hanging focal points for a fun party or gathering.
4.  Jazz up your dessert table!


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